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AEL supplies, installs and maintains a wide range of perimeter security and access control equipment



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    Safety in School Car Parks

    A key safety element in any school car park is the restriction of unauthorised access. A cantilever sliding gate is a simple yet effective means of achieving this. For further details please contact us.

  • Health & Safety

    The legal position is that powered gate systems are

    considered to be “machinery”. This means that, by law,

    every new powered gate, when it is put into service, must comply with the European Machinery Directive

    (2006/42/EC), especially the Directive’s Essential Health and Safety Requirements, be CE marked and accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity. The Health and Safety Executive has lead responsibility for enforcement of this legislation, which has been transposed into UK law as the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. The responsibility for complying with the law rests with the responsible person which will be either the manufacturer, supplier or installer, depending on the circumstances.

    The key to compliance with the law is risk assessment,

    which includes identifying the hazards, estimating the

    severity and likelihood of each hazard, followed by an

    evaluation to determine whether each hazard is

    adequately controlled and, if it is not, what further action needs to be taken to control the risk; the principal aim is to secure compliance with the Machinery Directive’s Essential Health and Safety Requirements. extract


    The full guide on gate safety published by the DHF can be found on the link below:


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    AEL Design Engineers use the latest 3D Solidworks™ and 2D Autocad™ software to bring to market a range of  generic perimeter security products along with bespoke architecturally design driven products.

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